Mindful Therapy Centre – Live Life Now

What is Mindfulness
What is Acceptance
What is Self Compassion?

The Mindful Therapy Centre was established to improve the well-being of our community by offering an approach that can help change your life! It is our belief that all of us have the resources we need within to make our lives better. Sometimes we simply need someone to help us rediscover our inherent strengths and gifts.

Life often presents challenges…if we can turn toward what we find difficult, often what emerges is the change and transformation that we wish for in our lives. Research demonstrates the proven benefits of Mindfulness, Acceptance and Self-Compassion in everyday life. View Article by Ruth Buczynski PhD.

Our approach will encourage you to experiment with practices of Mindfulness, Acceptance and Self-Compassion in order to help you face everyday challenges including:

  • Feeling anxious all the time
  • Not able to sleep
  • Trouble getting over the loss of a loved one
  • Arguing all the time with your partner
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Life feeling like it’s totally out of control

We are experienced in providing Counselling and Psychotherapy using Mindfulness, Acceptance and Self-Compassion in our approach. Our team will help you take the steps toward the changes you wish for in your life.


Colleen Ginter, BA,HBSW,MSW,RSW