Acceptance in Everyday Life

Acceptance is not about being resigned to the way things are. Acceptance quite often is a misunderstood concept.  Acceptance does not mean you like or want the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and circumstances that are showing up in your life right now. Acceptance is about being open and willing to fully experience your current life. Acceptance invites you to experience, not to avoid, what is happening.

The core meaning behind acceptance is to accept what is out of your personal control and commit to action that improves and enriches your life.

Acceptance helps you deal with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings so that their impact is easier to manage.

We see acceptance as seeing things clearly as they are, without trying to change them or making them go away.  Often when we are in pain or we are suffering, we wish to be somewhere else. We convince other people that they need to be or do something different.  Sometimes we grasp for anything that will make us feel ‘better’ so we experience pleasure rather than pain.  

How Will Acceptance Help Me Cope?

We believe that it is more helpful to find a way to stay right where we are… but to realize we are bigger than the pain and suffering we are experiencing. An outcome of this can be insight, possibilities for change and an awareness that our pain and suffering will not stay around forever.

Our mind that creates these thoughts and feelings, is indeed powerful. When feelings and thoughts are painful, it can be really hard to be open and willing to coexist with them while you are moving forward. Yes, it can be difficult…but it can be very helpful when you align those feelings with an intention to create peace in your life

Russ Harris the author of The Happiness Trap: STOP STRUGGLING, START LIVING; and other books on Acceptance, has this to say:

“The reality is, life involves pain. There’s no getting away from it. As human beings we are all faced with the fact that sooner or later we will grow infirm, get sick and die. Sooner or later we all will lose valued relationships through rejection, separation or death. Sooner or later we all will come face-to-face with a crisis, disappointment and failure. This means that in one form or another, we are all going to experience painful thoughts and feelings.

The good news is that, although we can’t avoid such pain, we can learn to handle it much better — to make room for it, rise above it and create a life worth living.”

Please feel free to preview Chapter one from “Stop Struggling, Start Living” here.

Now is the time to cultivate acceptance, right now…right here.  It doesn’t mean that you will suspend all thought of future desires or hopes, or that you will not struggle with loss or change…Instead, you will practice bringing acceptance into your mind and body each moment, and take notice of what happens in your thoughts… Thoughts that take you away from accepting yourself right now, right here.

Something to think about…

Imagine you are in a swimming pool. Now imagine that you have a beach ball in your hands and you are trying to push it below the surface…down, down. Can you keep that beach ball down? No. What happens? The harder you try to keep that beach ball down, the higher it flies up out of the water. It keeps popping up in front of your face. Instead… Allow the ball to float around you, and just let it be. You probably prefer to not have it floating around you…but that’s okay. Eventually it just may float away on its own.