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Dawn Blessing

Early on in my life, I had a strong inclination and desire to help people, and I also had a  sensitive awareness to pain and suffering.  This awareness was strongly present with family and friends, but it was also present with complete strangers.

I came to realize that my own life experience had a strong influence on my desire to pursue a career dedicated to helping people who were in pain and were suffering.

Over the years I have benefited from learning about my trade and the tools of my profession from many wonderful, gifted and brilliant teachers. Read More »

Trudy Kergon

I was born and raised in small communities in Northwestern Ontario where I married young and had two beautiful children.

When my marriage dissolved unhappily in the early 80’s, I moved with my children to Thunder Bay and returned to school. As a single parent attending university, I struggled to hold on while living on the edge of poverty, feeling isolated and at times depressed.  

At various times I sought out counselling and quickly discovered the value of a good therapist. These experiences helped shape me personally and professionally. It was during this time I learned what to do and what not to do as a therapist through my own experiences.

Let me share my journey with you… Read More »